Monday, May 10, 2010

Work As A Tractor Trailer Driver- Get Your CDL Training Today

Tractor-trailer drivers are in great demand in the industry. Trucking companies are even offering to train people to work as trailer-drivers since there is a large turnover of tractor-trailer drivers in the industry. The industry needs drivers with a clean record and any driver, experienced or otherwise, can land a good job any time.

Before you even consider truck driving as a profession, remember that a professional driver needs a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). You need to be trained and proficient to get a truck driver’s license. An entry-level driver needs specialized training that involves classroom training and outdoors training. These training programs run daily for three or four weeks. Some schools offer weekend trainings for those squeezing it in their busy schedules. When the training program needs are satisfied and road test successfully done, a Commercial Driver’s License is given.

The training programs of different schools vary in duration. Most of the training programs will prepare you for the written test as well as the road test at the end of the program. The trainees also need to pass a physical exam that includes testing the hearing abilities as well as vision screenings. For undertaking a CDL program, the prospect has to be at least 21 years of age with a clean driving record. They should not have a Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) offence in the last 5 years, or any license suspension for reckless driving, and must pass the compulsory drug test. This is normally done on the first day of the training when the written test for CDL AP learners permit test has to be cleared.

The training is highly relevant as it involves learning all the Department Of Transport rules and regulations. The trainings involve the trainee learning about the equipment, paper work, how to maintain logs, and practicing maneuvers and developing skills to become a safe, competent truck driver. The training on the outdoor range is important as it involves learning simple procedures, like starting the truck, parallel parking or dock backing. Some schools have an on-the-job training. Companies have on-the-job paid training.

You can find information about the training programs is also available online. Research different websites helps you to find the requirements of each state. The websites of training schools also provide information about programs, provide online application forms, and even show online job openings. If you plan to drive a combination vehicle of GVWR 26001 or more, you need a class A license. The other classes are class B for single vehicles of GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more and class C for single vehicles anything less than 26,000 pounds.

Once the CDL training is done you can appear for a road test to obtain the CDL license. With hours and hours of practical on-the-road training in trucks like 18 feet tractor-trailers, 80 feet long semi, etc., builds your confidence. You can initially start off by pairing with an experienced driver for sometime. After some months when you feel confident of going solo you can go ahead as an experienced driver to move just about anything from food, pharmaceuticals, cars, animals, plants and risky life threatening goods with skills honed to perfection by the CDL Training.

If you are determined to become a tractor trailer driver and earn a comfortable living, get up and get your CDL training today!

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