Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prepare For A Commercial Driver License- Trucking

You have decided that you want to take advantage of the boom in truck driving careers. However, be extremely prudent before you make truck driving a career, since truck driving is not an easy profession. You need to qualify the stringent measures required by the Federal government if you want to be a professional truck driver. Earning a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is mandatory if you want to drive a truck. The CDL has three types of license categories A, B, and C, depending on the hauling capacity and type of cargo. Every State in America requires this permit as a standard for truck drivers, even if you are experienced in the trucking business. Therefore, to get a CDL you need to have a thorough understanding of the CDL sections and a well-organized plan of action to pursue the CDL exam.

The CDL exam has two categories; so plan accordingly. The first category is a General Knowledge Test and the second one is a Road Driving Test. It is advisable to set up a study schedule, for the first part as it consists of a written exam and requires the use of cognitive skills to learn the theoretical part regarding endorsements. The general knowledge section comprises of subjects like passenger vehicles, doubles and triples endorsement, combination vehicles, cargo vehicles, tank vehicles, air brakes, hazardous materials, school bus endorsement, etc.

Create a study schedule to maximize your learning skills, i.e., if you are not working then morning is the best time to devote to study, quiz yourself on the subject later on, it is a good way to revise the subjects. Focus on the information retention; these are vital for a truck driver. If you are working, then pack in a couple of hours of study each day, as you cannot cram everything at the last minute. Learning the rules and regulations about transportation of freight requires dedication and hard work, so do your homework well.

In order to prepare for the second category of the CDL Exam, which is the Road Driving test, undertaking practice sessions is essential. This section of the CDL test comprises of mastering the skills for outdoor driving. When you practice, hone your gear shifting skills, straight, serpentine and dock backing. Pay attention to negotiate accurate turns. Take pointers, from seasoned drivers to make pre-trip inspections. Gain proficiency in safety measures, defensive road and range driving techniques. Thoroughly practice these skills to get a good score on this section of CDL.

An accredited truck driving school helps you master complex truck driving skills. A good truck driving school runs programs that help its students get their CDL. They train you on the knowledge tests as well as skill tests. One of the major advantages of training at the truck driving school is long hours of practical road training. Additionally, practice sessions on big rigs, 80 feet or 18 feet tractor-trailers, builds confidence to not just crack the CDL tests, but also to transport all types of cargo effortlessly.

So, roll up your sleeves and start trucking your way down the road to success

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