Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get A Well Paying Job After The CDL Training Program

If you love to travel all around the country by road, do not mind driving for long hours at a stretch and would like to earn some serious money, then truck driving is the best option for you. To get a well paying trucking job, however, you need to acquire your Commercial Driving License [CDL]. Here are some tips on how to get a well paying job after a CDL training program.

Join a driving school that not only promises quality training but also actually provides it. Avoid, for example, driving schools that promise to make you an excellent truck driver in 2 weeks. The driving course should be a minimum of at least 3 weeks in order for you to learn not only the basics but also the finer nuances of driving. Before you join any school, ensure that you will get at least 50 hours hands on truck driving. The Professional Truck Driver Institute [PTDI] requires that students have at least 44 hours of actual truck driving experience. Some schools mislead students by claiming that you could get up to 80 hours behind the wheel.

Confirm the term ‘behind the wheel’ since it might imply that you might be sitting in reality behind with four other students while the 5th student is driving the truck. If you can afford slightly higher fees, then join a school that offers a one-student-per-instructor training. This will allow you to absorb all the required knowledge without other students to disturb you. If your driving school has a tie-up with several freight companies or other corporations that require drives on a regular basis then that would greatly increase the chances of landing a job as soon as you get your CDL. Remember that in case you want to drive trucks with hazardous chemicals, then you will need special HAZMAT training. If you plan to drive trucks with double or triple trailers, then you will also need training in handling such trucks.

Your driving school should also have a placement department that can quickly hook you up with the right company, once you have finished your course. Many companies might not hire freshers, and you might have to join at a lower pay scale and prove your mettle within six months to a year in order to move to a higher scale. If you do not have the required money to join a driving school, then many companies offer to train you for “free”. Remember that you will be bound to work in that particular company for around two years in order to pay for your “free” training and in case you want to leave your job before two years, then the cost of the “free” training will be adjusted in your salary. So remember, nothing in life is “free”! If you have completed your training through a reputed accredited driving school then you should not have any problem in securing a well paying job.

It is therefore imperative that you attend a driving school that imparts not only theoretical knowledge but actually teaches you how to drive under various road and weather conditions. This will ensure your safety and even keep others safe when you are on the road. Due to the high demand for truck drivers, you can easily get a well paying job once you have successfully completed your CDL training program.

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