Sunday, May 9, 2010

China – Career and Employment Opportunities

The second largest economy in the world right now can be the next biggest source of jobs for the current generations of newly-grads and the un-employed. That’s because the current business climate in the country enables businesses to prosper and enable new entities as well to set up base in China.The end result is of course millions of jobs for those who are seeking career and employment.

But the current status of the country as the second largest economy in the world and the biggest one in Asia didn’t come overnight. Rather the status of the country was achieved after a number of steps was introduced and made by the government. One major thing that was undertaken by the Chinese government way back then was the opening up of the economy in 1979. The moment the economy was opened, the development of many sectors in the country has skyrocketed. To make the businesses in the country prosper and spur employment, the country adopted the five year plan strategy for economic development and the government adopted as well the 11th Five year plan for development.

The direction of the country to become a leader and to be competitive was sketched well in the Three Step Development Strategy that was developed in 1987. The step one of the plans was to make sure that the people will have clothing and food. The next step was to make sure that the 1980 GNP can be quadrupled by the end of the 20th century. And the step three of the plan is to increase the per capita GNP and make the figure line up with the figures submitted by medium-developed countries.

And to complement these moves made by the government, the government also made sure that the regions were developed so as to solve the inequalities. In the end with these measures in place, the country has become a choice for most businesses. Though it may seem that it’s smooth sailing for the country, a closer inspection will reveal that the country have experienced some labor shortage. The strong demand for labor was due to the fact that workers in the province were able to choose their jobs away from the boring factory work in most Chinese provinces. The labor shortage that was partly driven by demographic trends will look good for other countries with high un-employment rate as these countries can send their manpower. That kind of labor shortage was a welcome development for people who are seeking China jobs. But majority of the salaries offered in the sector are low.

If a person may want a top paid jobs then make sure that the industry is highly rated and known in China. For example the person may want to look at the steel and the automotive industry in China. Career can be made from these sectors as these sectors are fast-growing. China is considered as the largest producer of steel in the world and the country as the world’s third largest automobile producer in the world. Surely based on all these facts a China employment can be yours if you only seek it.

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