Monday, May 10, 2010

What Is Required Of You With Electrical Courses

Electrical course is acquired by an individual to improve the skills in the field of electricity. Electrical courses helps in imbibing the knowledge of setting up electricity at a point or repairing a faulty point. Further knowledge in the field can even help in the betterment of electrical technology.

Electrical courses can be attained as a practical electrical course or by achieving the degree of Electrical Engineering. The degree in electrical engineering can be for graduation and also for post-graduation. The more planned and managed work done in electrical technology is fulfilled by the electrical engineers. The on-field setting up, repair and maintenance work is usually done by people who have taken up the practical electrical courses.

This is offered by smaller institutes that impart the basics of electricity. The method of electricity conversion, its uses and method of operation is practically taught. Special knowledge is given in health and safety hazards, their prevention and repair. This gives the individual a preliminary idea of the technology. The practical work done improves the skills required.

New Career Skills is a UK based online course training institute. They provide a theoretical knowledge initially and then provide practical tips for apprentices. Electrical Training Institute is based in Southern California. This gives a complete electrical course for students.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering helps individual in knowing the history of electricity and the latest technology. Practical knowledge and ways of improvement in technology is given to the students. This makes the electrical engineers the chief project managers of most of the electrical project.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering An American based institute which has its branches stretching to over 160 countries. It is the largest organization providing the course. This is a non-profit organization.
Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai, Kanpur, Chennai, New Delhi), the premier Indian technology institute offers the Electrical Engineering course for a span of four years. The courses offered by this institute is declared world wide as one of the most precise and advanced one.
University of Birmingham (UK), the university has the largest engineering faculty in UK. The School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides the courses in electrical technology.

The subjects offered in the courses are
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Network and Systems, Electronic devices and circuits, electrical machines, control systems, digital systems, electromagnetic theory, power systems, communication systems, microprocessor
systems, VLSI technology, instrumentation, electric devices, neural network and fuzzy system, advanced control, utilization of electrical energy and electric traction, advanced semiconductor devices, solid control and electric devices, digital signal processing, micro controllers and their applications, switch mode and resonant converters, mechatronics and artificial intelligence.

All these courses constitute for the electrical engineering course.

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