Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Successfully Conquer & Dominate the Job Interview So They Will Beg You to Work For Them!

How to Successfully Conquer & Dominate the Job Interview So They Will Beg You to Work For Them!

You think looking for a job is easy? Well most of the time, it's not. Some say it's a breeze especially if you make use of the right tactics but some say it's a grueling task to do. It's even more grueling if competition is at its peak. Nowadays, many people are after the same kind of job. You have to map out some effective approaches to emerge as the winner.

Let us look at these pointers one by one:

1. The key to it is: research. Always be ready with the necessary information to back you up. Make a list - or just mentally take note - of what your prospective company does, where their interests lie in, etc. By being prepared, answering company-related questions during the interview won't catch you unaware and it might give you the plus points you need.

Don't stick with the basic information, though. Make a thorough and comprehensive research about the company you want to be a part of.

2. Next up, the wardrobe. Applying for a job is like attending a formal event. You don't just go in wearing your comfortable faded jeans and shirt. This is not some casual thing that you can march right into.

Sure, you have the brains and the attitude but it's not going to be known if you don't LOOK the part; you have to look professional. Corporate looks are the 'in' thing when applying for a job. Better dig up your best business suits and groom yourself.

3. We are done with LOOKING professional. Now let's go to BEING professional. Being professional means sticking with what's instructed to you. If the company asked you to come to your interview at a specific time, be there 10-15 minutes ahead of time.

Start having a good track record by looking business-like, being on time, and maintaining a positive disposition. More than anything, it shows that you don't take things for granted and regard the job with respect.

4. Coming early to an interview will help you grate out your nerves and do some pep-talk with yourself. During the interview, stay relaxed and focus on what you're supposed to say to make the first impression that you are rooting for. It won't help getting all restless and uneasy.

5. Always be sensitive with your words and with the person who interviews you. Balance the whole conversation. Don't let one-sided moments appear during the interview. If you have to take the initiative without looking too arrogant, then do so. It's all about being aware and how the right move to put on it.

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