Friday, May 7, 2010

Electrician Training Is Great For Your Career Prospects

Modern day lifestyle and living requires classic technology, the use and maintenance of which is best known by electricians. They shape, design and maintain the entire electrical circuit right from the power generation house to our homes, industries etc. The job of an electrician is interesting and is of massive potential where financial benefits and job satisfaction along with social progress is concerned.
The pre-requisites required to become an efficient electrician are:
- Sound mind and physical fitness.
- Multi-tasking capability and enthusiasm.
- Personable approach.
- Good vision and the candidate should not be color blind, to be able to differentiate between different wires.
- Good aptitude in math and science.

The training either begins in the classroom or directly as a helper under senior electricians. International Brotherhood of Electrician (IBEW) and (NECA) are well known institutions producing good quality electricians. There are many other such vocational institutes and lately online training is also in vogue.

The classroom training is usually 144 hours. The aspirants, here, are taught various theoretical subjects and mathematics which can prove helpful in solving the on-job problems faced. They are taught to read blueprints, which is the basic design of any electrical circuit, Ohm’s laws, magnetism, conduit circuits etc. They are made comfortable with the different tools and various safety measures to be followed during wiring. After such theoretical program, follows the apprenticeship or the on-job program, the candidates are expected to put 2000 hours for this. Their working skills are trained and tested under the keen observation of experienced electricians. After fulfilling all these conditions, they are given the high school diploma certificate or (GED) i.e. General Equivalent Certificate. The entire training is extended over a period of 4 years.

One can also start as a helper under a fully trained electrician and perform the non-electrical jobs initially. Eventually he/she is taught the entire procedures and requisites to be qualified as a trained electrician. There are also some institutions, which provide training, especially in rural areas. The people are taught latest techniques and procedures. They are sensitized to the use of solar so as to make the rural life self-sufficient.

The job scope for electricians is very good. The electricians are placed at construction sites, industries etc. Employers usually hire only trained electricians after they are said to satisfy the National and respective State codes. They can also be independent and self-employed.

Electricians continue learning all through their life. It does not stop even if they possess their certificates. They have to keep themselves updated and give advanced exams regularly in order to keep their business high. In this way, a person is trained to be an electrician. There is an unmistakable and significant difference between the electricians and the household quack experimenters. To be able to fix a bulb with the help of wires and to be happy to see it work is not equal to becoming an electrician.

James Copper is a writer for where you can find out about electrician training