Sunday, May 9, 2010

Passed Your Commercial Driving License- What You Ought To Do Next?

In order to get into the commercial trucking business one has to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). Preparing for your CDL gave you the opportunity to receive good training, while clearing your CDL tests gave you the permit to drive commercial vehicles. Now that you have been through all this and have managed to get your CDL, you need not worry about what to do next. It is obvious that you would like to hit the road and experience the thrills that this profession brings. To get the most out of the trucking industry, join one of the big and prosperous companies where you can enjoy excellent perks along with a good salary.

There are various ways to land a good trucking job once you have cleared your CDL test. If you have been to a trucking school for your CDL training, you can request them to help you find a job. Most companies usually approach these truck-driving schools to recruit good drivers. So aspiring drivers should always join one of those schools that promise placements or at least offer to help find a suitable job. Instead, if you had taken the help of some other company to clear the CDL tests, you may as well be offered a job. They usually ask drivers to sign a contract initially for a period of one year to work with them. Please bear in mind that signing such a contract can obstruct you from better opportunities in that year.

Online, you will find several websites that offer to help you find the best jobs in the trucking industry. These online companies have tie-ups with several good trucking companies and are a good source to find a job of your choice. You need to fill in some details, upload your resume, and specify what kind of driving job you are looking for. This will make it easier for the online company to locate a job as per your specifications. If things turn out well you will soon be called for an interview.

There are also placement agencies that you can approach. You can submit your resume and ask the recruiter to look for a job that suits your expectations and needs. The recruiter will keep in touch and apprise you of the latest opportunities in the trucking industry. Most recruiters have special arrangements with several trucking companies who rely on placements agencies to provide them with good drivers. As you have cleared you CDL test, you stand a good chance of getting a decent job to start your driving career.

It is a good idea to let your friends know that you are on the lookout for a trucking job. If you know some reputed companies you can try and approach them directly or send your resume online. As you have just cleared you CDL test, some companies may want to hire you only at a junior level. On the other hand, some companies would hire you only after the minimum six months of driving experience.
It is better not to be to choosy about your first job, because once you acquire the experience you can jump on to bigger and better companies. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for any small offer. Truck drivers generally start on a good package along with insurance cover and other perks.

Trucking as an industry has shown formidable growth, resulting in an ever-growing list of applicants for a CDL. Get ready to face the competition especially when you apply to reputed companies. Make the most of your CDL training and with the right attitude and confidence, you can get yourself a good job.

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