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Easy Job Search Tips !

Easy Job Search Tips !

Searching for Las Vegas jobs is not very different from searching for a job in any other location of the country, though you do have some unique options that may not be available to you elsewhere. For instance, you could never go to work at a huge 24/7 casino in Idaho!

The following tips are designed to help you efficiently search for jobs in the Big Easy that are suited to your skills.

Identify Your Strengths"
What do you have that is marketable in today's job market? Make a very detailed list of all the skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases that you have to offer employers right now. Get creative if necessary and spin some of your real life experiences into valuable skills. These need to be realistic and honest.

For instance, if you have been at home raising your children for the past couple of years you can list yourself as a "household executive" rather than a housewife and play up valuable skills that you used in your role as a new parent rather than leaving a big hole in your employment history.

Focused Resume and Cover Letter:
Don't just make up one generic resume and cover letter and send it out automatically to every position you apply for. If you identified skills and experiences allow you to apply for positions in several different career fields you need to have at least one good resume for each of these fields. Each resume will highlight the skill sets and knowledge that are most relevant to each given field.

Cover letters should be drawn up with some personalized information directed toward each individual company that the letter will be sent to. This type of personalization shows that you have taken the time to follow our next tip...

Company Research:
Take the time to look up each of the company's you want to apply for a position with online. Find out what the company's goals or mission statement is and what positions they are currently hiring for. Look through job site listings for their posts and pick up on key words which they use to describe ideal candidates for their workplace.

Use those keywords in your own cover letter! You are looking to identify what the company wants in an employee so you can paint yourself as the perfect fit.

Focused Job Sites:
There are a growing number of job posting sites online and all of them feature tons of Las Vegas jobs. If you try to sort through them all daily you will waste tons of time! A good alternative is to find sites which cater exclusively to jobs in the Las Vegas area. These sites may stand on their own, but most will be a part of a larger site that covers individual job fields as well.

These sites will save you time by compiling all of the jobs in Las Vegas from online and offline sources so you just have one place to check for updates each day. This gives you more time to do research into companies, personalize your cover letters, and apply for all of the positions which catch your interest.

One final tip: don't lock yourself in a box! Take the first tip here seriously and consider all of the possible Las Vegas jobs that fit any of your marketable skills. Even if it seems like a long shot, you never know when an employer is going to find you a perfect fit to their company.

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