Sunday, May 9, 2010

How To Answer Job Interview Questions

When you are at the interview, its very important that the answers is given with full confidence to the interviewer. The interviewers, in addition to the answers, do normally pay attention to the way of answering. Therefore, it is important that your answers should show your level of confidence. The answers should be easy to understand and not to long.

How to answer

A good way to answer question at the interview, is to make it short, simple but complete. Theres no need to to overwork the answer, just try to make the interviewer satisfied with the answer. However, if your answer does not satisfy the interviewer, try to explain to him or her only until he or she understand what you are saying. Very often, if the interviewer is not satisfied with the answer he or she may ask another question. If this happens, focus on the new question.

Common questions

There are some common questions that are always asked in the interview, that you need to be prepared of. These question are, for example “tell us your skills” etc. However, even if you prepare the answer in advance, the language should be simple and easy to understand. It should seem like your answer is just what came to your mind after the interviewer asked the question.

The test

The interviewers test the aspirants for their fast thinking and that too under pressure. This is depicted from the answers that you give to the interviewers during the interview. Therefore, giving the interviewer an impression as if, you are answering instantaneously and at the movement, is beneficial.

Be positive!

One of the most important thing to remember, is to always be positive, while answering question about previous job and colleagues of that company. Never complain or mumble about the previous company and the related issues as these questions are asked for testing your relations with the colleagues of that company. This reflects your interpersonal skills and ability to work in cooperation with others.

So, remember that you should always be positive about your previous job and colleagues and never refer to any conflict or arguments that you may have had. Similarly never, complain about the management of that company. Portray a picture that you were comfortable with everybody. You can even highlight that, you had very good relationship with the coworkers. For this you can refer to some examples of quotes from the coworkers saying that you were are very good worker and colleague.

“Tell them your opinion”

Sometimes, there can be some question where it will be good to say exactly what your opinion are, even if it will distract the interviewer a little bit. For example, the interviewer may ask you whether you are trying for other jobs. A short and honest answer will not cause much distraction.

Salary expectation

Salary expectation, is one of the crucial question asked in an job interview. Try not to answer this question directly. Instead, tell the interviewer that it all depends upon what kind of responsibilities the job demand. Alternatively, you can put the ball in his court asking the interviewer the approximate range offered for that position.

Illegal questions
You should know that there are various questions you do not have have to answer to because they have been made illegal, and those are:
* Deciding any candidates suitability on the basis of birthplace
* disability
* race and religion and other things which hurt the candidates sentiments are not allowed and you should not answer to any of those questions.

Finally, sometimes the interviewer may ask about the skills you possess and various cases wherein your skills were put to use. For this question, you should always be prepared with example to which you can refer.

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Patrik Karlsson